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Application Development

Additionally to your existing applications, we can build Visual and Web add-on tools, i.e. stock validation, logistics...

Network Design

Demasoft has certified network technicians to assist you with your networking and internet connection problems


C.E.O. Marc Derveaux is pleased to welcome you to the virtual door of our company. Introductions to our latest products will be announced through this medium.Business to business relationships become more and more important. Throughout the years, we have introduced a philosophy of being a bridge to the future. 


Announcing Visual Accoflex 7.3

Visual Accoflex 7.3 is the first software of a total new product line. As of January 2001, you can get the latest up to date version of our accounting package. It will run on all major Win32 operating systems. You can choose for a royalty free database that comes with the package or we can easily connect to the client server database of your choice. Currently, we will support Oracle 8/9i and Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000/2003/2005. We are give assisitance on Pervasive SQL 2000 database backends.

 Application and WebApp Development
 Demasoft is on the cutting edge of technology with the used tools. They provide us to develop with great success your internal projects, as well as your intranet and internet sites. You can now run your private and your public applications through one set of business rules


Announcing Visual Accoflex 7.3

Visual Accoflex 7.3 related information can be found at the web site, especially designed for all Accoflex and related products. Visit it at:


Demasoft has a suite connectivity tools developed to create a link towards our accounting package. XConn is an engine based upon XML messages that need to be integrated.

WAN Exchange - FTPL7 - FTP2MP - CrystalAut
Demasoft has a suite of programs to guarantee data replication in a distributed network environment. WAN Exchange has the opportunity to exchange replication data and to bring it into the database with respect to the defined business rules.

FTP_L7 is a tool to automate your ftp-trafic generated by an database application.

As a logical extension, we have built a tool that supports the same functionality as FTP_L7 but to multiple remote sites. This tool is called FTP2MP.

Crystal Aut is an application that is running as an Add-on software on Accoflex CM that allows us to generated visual reports based on some passed parameters at run-time. It gives us the ability to provide management reports at scheduled times.





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